Pre Xmas Quiz

Using your knowledge of me and my life (reading previous posts may help) choose the answer which you think actually happened or is most likely to happen. 

Question1 – Rose has several presents to buy that need to be delivered tomorrow. Will she

a) Go out right now and get them

b) Write a blogpost

c) Write a blogpost, watch Homes Under The Hammer, move things from one room to another, go to work for an hour or two, drive to her mum’s, go to bed, go shopping with her mum tomorrow, struggle to reconcile the slowness of her mum with the need for a speedy shop with an imminent deadline, regret not doing a)

d) Not bother getting the presents

Question 2 – Frodo bought and laid the laminate flooring in the hallway – 2 years after he first said he was going to do this. Did he

a) Finish the job completely in a day

b) Lay the laminate over 2 days and then suggest using pale pine coloured beading (bought for the bedroom floor) on the dark oak floor in the hallway. Then when told not to do this, visited several DIY shops before returning home without the beading he had gone for.

c) Finish the job completely and put the beading on the bedroom floor which he laid 2 years ago.

d) Start painting the hallway after laying the floor

Question 3 – Whilst having a break from paid employment did Rose

a) Start painting the hallway before Frodo laid the floor

b) Start painting the hallway after Frodo laid the floor

c) Start painting the hallway and accidently knock the paint tin over onto the newly laid floor

d) Start painting the hallway and “accidently” knock the paint tin over onto the stair carpet that Frodo had said didn’t need replacing

Question 4 – Which description best fits the sending of Xmas cards from Rose’s house

a) All cards are bought, written and sent in the first week of December

b) All cards are written and sent in the first week in December having been bought in the sales after Xmas last year

c) All cards are written in the first week in December and sent 2 days before Xmas day with the hope that postal workers will rise to the challenge of delivering them the next day.

d) Cards bought in the sales after Xmas last year, newly bought cards and those left over cards from boxes from previous years are gathered together. Rose then chooses cards for each person she is sending one to. They are all written and sent in time for Xmas day. The vast majority of left over cards from previous years are yet again not used. Rose only just manages to convince herself that one year she will be able to match the card, with a Victorian stagecoach on the front and Seasons Greetings in an almost unreadable font on the inside, with someone on her Xmas card list. She also believes that the lack of an envelope is a problem that will be resolved somehow if this card is ever chosen to be sent. So this card along with the others, some nearly 20 years old, are carefully packed away for next year’s ritual. 


a) These are things I would like to happen.

Question 1 – c) is looking most likely to happen. It has already begun.

Question 2 – b) actually happened and a week after initial laying began the beading has yet to be bought.

Question 3 – b) actually happened and despite some drips onto the floor and a little panicking as I wiped up the drips the floor is as good as new : )  Only the doors, skirting board and radiator have been done so I am contemplating doing d) when I paint the walls. The stair carpet is in a sorry state.

Question 4 – d) happens every year. Will I ever get the opportunity to use the 40 cards written last year and signed ‘from Mrs W*** ’?


Merry Christmas x