Online Art Exhibition – “Stuff” by Rose

This is an extra to my usual blogging (which I will resume this evening) and is in response to a reader request. For sometime now Patsy has been telling me that she wants photos on my blog. This morning I have made a concerted effort to locate a digital camera with charged batteries, vacant storage space and a lead to connect it to my laptop. Previous attempts to do this have ended with one of the following. Camera phone with no lead; non digital cameras; digital camera with no battery and either no correct size working batteries in house or no lead/plug to recharge built in batteries; digital camera with no free storage space because D1 or D2 has stolen the memory card or they have filled all space with what appears to bands on stages (they clearly didn’t get a front row position and so the dots in the distance could be anyone) and an abundance of miscellaneous people. I am too scared of the consequences I might suffer if I delete any of these.

But today all I needed was in the right place at the right time. I thought some before and after photographs might help readers/viewers get a clearer feel of what it is like in my home. So here they are. If it works as I plan there will be numbered photographs followed by brief descriptions.

Photograph 1

ImagePhotograph 2

ImagePhotograph 3ImagePhotograph 4Image

Photograph 1 – Book shelf immediately AFTER I tidied it. It was intended to be just for books but there was nowhere else for the other bits and pieces that I might need easy access too. There are a couple of the cameras mentioned earlier on there.

Photograph 2 – Bay window AFTER bedroom was tidied. The curtains were cleverly moved so now when they are drawn the stuff disappears – like magic only its still there when the curtains are opened. Similar artworks have been created fourfold in the garage.

Photograph 3 – The shoe collection in the hallway AFTER Froddo tidied it. He’s gone for the ‘piled’ look as opposed to the original ‘spread’ look.

Photograph 4 – The garden path AFTER Froddo spent days last summer (summer 2011 that is) sorting out the garden. I have no other words I can add to that.

Oh they are all after photos. I am going to have another reshuffle of the book shelf right now and then that photo will turn into a before one. Now I have the equipment I will be adding photos on a more regular basis for the visuals amongst you.


About stephanieroseishere

My life is amazing on a small scale and I can make it sound super amazing! It is unlikely I'll ever climb Mount Everest but I often navigate the mountain of stuff that accumlates at an alarming rate in various rooms in my house. My household consists of me, my OH (Frodo), my two daughters (D1 and D2) and my son (Son). Recently I read this somewhere “If I make someone smile today then my day has been worthwhile” or something like that. By writing this blog I hope to make many people smile but if only I read it I’ll be smiling anyway. I would love to get your comments and will endeavour to respond to any I get.

5 responses to “Online Art Exhibition – “Stuff” by Rose

  1. Jane Brown

    Looks like home from home to me!

  2. Rose would you like to be on telly because now we have visuals we could submit them to various TV reality shows… I know that you would be fantastic on camera but how about Frodo? Maybe the threat would help him to focus on improving his shoe arranging skills?

  3. Jackie

    I am just catching up with missed blogs and now feel a closeness and deep empathy with you which the miles between us were threatening…. The photos get a definite thumbs up from me.

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