Holiday Highlights continued

Ghana and Thailand have joined my country views. I can only think that shares on facebook are responsible as according to my stats no-one has arrived recently via search engines so thank you for the shares.

Holiday Highlights continued

3. My team won the camp quiz!! Score 73 out of 80. On the day of the quiz I was perturbed to see Wonderful Man perusing the quizbook that he has used for previous quizzes. The questions in this book are hard. So hard that my initial enthusiasm for his previous quizzes has dwindled as the gaps in my general knowledge are shown to be gaping holes. The pleasure I gain from quizzes and board games increases substantially if I win and truth be told I much prefer engaging in things I think I will be good at and feel quite p**d off if it turns out others are better than me. It was with ambivalence that I joined my team – Mr Fry, Mrs Tie-Dye and Cindi. Within seconds my hopes were rising and so were my suspicions that Mr Fry had seen the questions and answers due to his confidence in the answers he was giving. When the half time scores were shared it was clear our team were doing very well or to be accurate Mr Fry was doing very well. This does not lessen the importance of Mrs Tie-Dye’s and Cindi’s rare contributions. These may have been the ones that pipped the second place team who scored 71 if my memory serves me right. I greeted the announcement of the winning team with cheers of delight and congratulated myself on being a winner despite only knowing three correct answers. Tip – If you are likely to know the answers to only 3 questions out of 80 in a quiz, spend the hours before the quiz testing people’s general knowledge   and choose your team based on this (it was by chance I ended up in Mr Fry’s team. I shall be more pro-active next time).  

btw – Wonderful Man is no relation to Wonderful Woman but he is talented in many areas, including plumbing which is a very desirable quality through my leaky shower eyes.

4. Communal rejoicing of A level results. With university places at stake, a mass wave of shared joy and relief spread across the camp. My personal highlight was the phone call from D1 to let me know she had got her place. Jessie was the Usain Bolt of exam results with A*/A performance in three subjects, short and very sweet. Romany, with her amazing results spread over four subjects, was the Mo Farah. They had the wow factor but they all had the Yeeeaaaahhh factor. This leads nicely into highlight 5.

5. Zumba. Disappointingly/annoying, my months of training did not make my performance any better than that of virgin zumba-ites. Nevertheless it was great fun. Well the first session was. Details of the second session may well feature in Holiday Lowlights. One noteable difference between camp zumba and my usual zumba was participant’s attire. It ranged from everyday clothes, through vests (not sports vests, just vests) to sleepsuits. The level of craziness was slightly higher and the greek style dance in a circle was novel. One of the instructors crossed the room to be next to me in the circle (had she spotted my tendency to move in the opposite direction to everyone else and so come to reign me in?) and because we were holding hands I had to explain that she would have to hold my little finger on account of my finger injury. I was momentarily cross because the music started before I had finished the entire tale but my attention was soon diverted to counting steps. Instructor’s Tip – to get a good hip movement, pretend you are clenching a spoon in your bottom and stir a pudding (note the word pretend).

More Holiday Highlights to come at the weekend.

Q. How can a useful service turn into an awkward situation?

A. The weather was a hot topic of interest throughout the camp and after being mis-informed by the BBC, I became a convert to the weather channel app which was accessed through’s phone. is one of those helpful people who generally makes life easier and jollier. After the weather channel’s first accurate prediction, I returned to for regular updates. Often he would be updating other campers at the same time, like bees around a honeypot. Then the awkwardness began to creep in. I didn’t want to think I only approached him to get an update but it seemed dishonest to make idle chit chat for a few minutes before slipping in the weather question. I tried asking the weather question and then following up with chit chat but either way the main motivation for making the journey across the mud must have been obvious. On one occasion when I saw, and I honestly did not need or want a weather update, he pulled out his phone and proceeded to share the forecast. I sincerely hope knows he means much more to me than just being a useful source of weather information.


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  1. Rose you are worth your weight in camp mud!! It was a delight to be able to take part in your Zumba session and my only disappointment is that we weren’t standing closer together as I wanted to be your Zumba partner in crime.

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