Holiday Highlights

I had a plan to make notes during my recent holiday so that when it came to writing my blog I wouldn’t have to try and remember all the details. Of course I didn’t record anything but hopefully my memory won’t let me down too much. My memory along with my eyesight has diminished over the last few years. During my holiday someone alerted us to a fleeting wonder of nature (it could have been a shooting star or a passing dragonfly or something else, I can’t recall the exact wonder now) and I totally empathised with a fellow camper who scrabbled around to locate her glasses, only to find them a moment after the wonder had disappeared from view. Her comment that she misses loads while she is looking for her glasses will be familiar to all those who are in or have been in the twilight zone between needing glasses on occasions but managing much of the time without them. Going into anywhere with a menu and having to ask someone else to read it for you is another common feature of this twilight zone.

Onto the holiday highlights which I will list together with some tips for future reference. For those of you who don’t know where I’ve been, here is a summary of the destination. Accommodation = tents in woodland. Facilities = a shower block, toilets and a cabin with a cooker and sink about 300m from tents. Clientele, aka fellow campers = a mixed bunch of families.

1. By chance, my neighbours for the holiday were excellent in many ways. Goldilocks and Thespian managed to be both easy going and incredibly organised. This was great for me. Camping next to them provided good company and easy access to bits and pieces I needed but had failed to pack. Can opener, 10ps for showers, kitchen roll, wipes, aloe vera, etc were produced from their tent like items from Mary Poppin’s carpet bag. Tip – Camp close to someone who appears to be well equipped. Signs of this are a trailer and a range of boxes and shelving. Avoid campers, such as myself, who arrive with most of their stuff in carrier bags. This indicates rushed, last minute packing.

2. By chance, I poured boiling water over two of my fingers and sustained a rather nasty scald. The initial hour of pain, the inconvenience of having to shower with a carrier bag over my hand and the trickiness of washing up with one hand could have been a lowlight but it proved to be very positive. Firstly, I was given lots of attention. Some fellow campers even thought I should go to A&E with such a shocking injury. (They were no doubt impressed at my resilience). Following this I was offered various lotions and dressings from several different people. Pixie became my main supplier of plasters and threw in some tlc for free (the plasters were free too). Whenever there was a lull in conversation I nonchalently moved my hand around until someone asked how my fingers were or even better asked “Ooo, what have you done?”, which gave me the opportunity to regale them with my tale of folly (I didn’t hide the fact that I had caused the injury by lifting a handleless pan of boiling water with a tea towel). By the end of the holiday everyone knew. Tip – Make the most of injuries. Thespian sustained a rib injury but rarely mentioned it. He could easily have winced to get attention each time he stood up or used it as an excuse to take a break from wood chopping. His moniker is based on a revelation about his successful youth acting not on his performance at the camp.

More highlights will be published tomorrow. I am about to get ready for another wild night on the town! 


About stephanieroseishere

My life is amazing on a small scale and I can make it sound super amazing! It is unlikely I'll ever climb Mount Everest but I often navigate the mountain of stuff that accumlates at an alarming rate in various rooms in my house. My household consists of me, my OH (Frodo), my two daughters (D1 and D2) and my son (Son). Recently I read this somewhere “If I make someone smile today then my day has been worthwhile” or something like that. By writing this blog I hope to make many people smile but if only I read it I’ll be smiling anyway. I would love to get your comments and will endeavour to respond to any I get.

5 responses to “Holiday Highlights

  1. Ali

    Ace tips. I see camp as an opportunity to be as high-maintenance as I like. There’s always someone who wants to look after me. Usually someone who’s already cooking dinner on the fire, breastfeeding, listening to an eight-year-old telling rude jokes, playing Uno with three toddlers and bandaging burnt fingers all at the same time. These people are superhuman. Ace nicknames too. Can I have one too please? :))

  2. Rhiannon

    I love it! Goldilocks and Thespian are muchas impressived!

  3. You would have gotten much attention from me if I’d been there, Rose. Will an overseas comment do to make up for it? I know how much you like those 🙂
    p.s I am finally doing things with my blog. Not many things, but some. There’s still a backlog of about a month’s worth of news…

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