Well a well a well a, tell me more tell me more

Socks still there. I feel the whole investigation has been comprised by D2 (daughter 2) reading this blog. I intend to let it run a few more days but may end it soon. However I am carrying out two undercover investigations which I will reveal the results of when they conclude. Until then the details will stay secret to me.

Picture the scene. Rows of women, interspersed with the occassional man, all with paper bags on their heads swaying and singing along to Beauty School Dropout. This vision is just one highlight of a momentous evening of gay adandon. My recollection of the evening, particularly the second half, is a little hazy – possibly due to my misjudging of the quantity of wine in a large measure. Nevertheless I will attempt to convey some of the wonderfulness of the experience. Having failed to secure a character costume, I arrived at the event wearing a 50s style outfit including large sunglasses which cleverly hid my own varifocals so I was able to read the on screen lyrics and look cool at the same time. Perfect. The commardie began building as pink ladies, T bird groupies, Sandies, Dannies and assorted Grease ‘extras’ arrived in the foyer. By the time each and every one of us had been given our ‘goodie bag’ the bond was cemented. Who would have thought a goodie bag could hold so much fun. It was incredible. Each humble prop contained in the bag was transformed into an essential part of the sing a long extravaganza.

The actual show began with a warm up host who introduced the goodie bag items and gave us details of how to use them at set ‘magic moments’ in the film’. He also suggested the reactions we might give the characters as they appeared in the film and demonstrated some dance moves which he expected us to follow. My Zumba training came in very useful. I was able to deal with my inability to do the moves at the same time as everyone else by switching on Zumba teacher’s voice in my head  “Good everyone”.

The main event started with flashing disco lights and as the opening credits rolled a roomfull of guys and girls cast aside any inhibitions they had, stood up and threw themselves into the sing-a-long. The contents of the goody bags were used in unison at each ‘magic moment’. Tissues were waved, balloons blown up and released, poppers popped and bags placed on heads. My personal favourite was the checkered flag waving and shouts of “Go Danny, go Danny” during the car race. Between the songs we all returned to our sitting positions but the interaction didn’t stop. Every opportunity to scream and swoon at Danny was taken, as were opportunities to cat call at Rizzo’s catty remarks and boo the Scorpians. Sighs and cheers abounded as the audience shared their emotions freely and openly.

All too soon it was Chang chang changitty chang shoobop and time for the Grease fraternity to go their seperate ways. But in our hearts We’ll always be together, We’ll always be together, We’ll always be together.


About stephanieroseishere

My life is amazing on a small scale and I can make it sound super amazing! It is unlikely I'll ever climb Mount Everest but I often navigate the mountain of stuff that accumlates at an alarming rate in various rooms in my house. My household consists of me, my OH (Frodo), my two daughters (D1 and D2) and my son (Son). Recently I read this somewhere “If I make someone smile today then my day has been worthwhile” or something like that. By writing this blog I hope to make many people smile but if only I read it I’ll be smiling anyway. I would love to get your comments and will endeavour to respond to any I get.

One response to “Well a well a well a, tell me more tell me more

  1. Rose you are such a guide such an inspiration! Earlier this week I was working with 90 little reception school children. There we were felting away. Making handmade felt with an Australian theme (the school decided to combine their arts week with the Olympics!) Anyway suddenly we were doing ‘Zumba Felting’! Wiggling your bottom helps the the felting process didn’t you know!

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